Celestial Body Healing Product Line

Our products are made from the best quality ingredients created by nature and sourced by people. We believe that if the product goes on the outside of the body it should not be toxic to the inside of the body. From this basic thought our line of products began to form.
Many Native cultures believe that the plants contain the healing knowledge of the cosmos, and the medicine of the Earth.

Celestial Body Healing products are created to be effective , safe for everyone , and of the highest quality ingredients. All of the products are put through our Proprietary Process, to increase the vibration of healing and activate the product. We thoroughly test each product on ourselves, Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Enthusiastic Volunteers.

Celestial Balms are trademarked and registered as medically active in the blood stream and have reached Declaration of Incontestability as medically active.

Celestial Balms are designed to be topical therapies, utilizing the body’s largest organ, the skin, delivering the treatment directly to the intended system or area facilitating fast acting results. Each product was created out of a specific need. Once you try it you wont leave home without the Balm.

Celestial Balms are available in original formulas and also including Hemp.

Celestial CBD Muscle Balm : Pain, Sprain, Strain, and Injury Relief
Celestial CBD Wellness Balm : Immune Booster, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Lymphatic Support
Belly Balm : Instant Relief of Nausea and Heartburn
Celestial CBD Pain & Injury Balm : Calm Trauma, Chronic, Muscle and Nerve Pain on site within minutes through transdermal application

Available in 3 Sizes :
1/2oz $25
1oz $50
2oz $90

Wholesale available