Chronic Neck Pain from Car accident

Dear Katrina,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent massage, particularly the work you did on my shoulder and neck. As I mentioned, I was in car accident several years ago and the pain has been recurrent since that time. Your massage eliminated or reduced almost all of the pain!

Thank you so much for working with me. Your knowledge and care were evident throughout the massage!

Clint Wills

Posterior Tibia Tendonitis

Nell Fuqua
Posterior tibia tendinitis – I wish I’d never heard these words. Suddenly, I was limping. AFter 3 wks of PT, hardly any change. AFter 1 hour of reflexology and nerve mobilization therapy from Katrina Tsacrios of Trinity Natural Healing I am much improved. If you have any body aches and pains – go see her!


Katrina Tsacrios intuitively applies her various and well versed techniques into an invigorating and blissful massage. I am so happy to have found Katrina. Her caring personality, thorough knowledge of body mechanics and keen ability to fine tune the massage to soothe my stressful body make Katrina the best choice for massage!

Thai Massage

Jillian came to my house and gave me a wonderful Thai Massage. We had a moment before the session to connect energetically, which I appreciate very much. It’s important to me to feel connected to someone who’s touching my body, and she helped me to feel that. I’m excited for our next session!

Pain Management

I had been in pain management, for nearly two years after a car accident. Not improving much is an understatement. I’m thankful that I survived it. Thanks to Katrina Tsacrios, I have let go of the bondage that is pain management.
She is no joke and a wonderful intuitive healer. After only four visits with Katrina, the trigger points that were all over my body are now almost entirely gone. I want others that are suffering a physical malady to know that I fully endorse her. If you are in Katrina’s hands,…well those are good hands to be in !!!
Vera Lynn Bush

Healing Lungs

For months I have been fighting with fluid in my lungs making it hard to breathe. Katrina, you are great, with your almost on fire hands, you touched my lungs and I coughed a little but i was able to breath alot better, Thank You for the healing You have done for me.
Suzanna Harvey