Healing Lungs

For months I have been fighting with fluid in my lungs making it hard to breathe. Katrina, you are great, with your almost on fire hands, you touched my lungs and I coughed a little but i was able to breath alot better, Thank You for the healing You have done for me.
Suzanna Harvey

Beyond relaxed

“I had the best massage E.V.E.R. from Katrina yesterday afternoon. I highly recommend her as she took my stressed out body and turn me into a pile of mush. 🙂 ” 


Sports Massage

I don’t even think Katrina’s body work can count as a massage…. I am a professional ballroom dancer and her deep tissue/sports massage is truly amazing. She has the ability to uncover issues that you’ve just learned to deal with. Her sessions are very personal and already I have noticed a huge positive change in my body’s performance.


Katrina Rocks!