Truly Fabulous

Katrina, Today’s massage was truly fabulous. Thank you for working on my wounded hand. I really enjoyed the overall massage and felt so ”Loose” and relaxed. Will definitely be back.

Mary Alice K.

Best massage I ever had Ever! Will be back!

Brenda May


Fabulous! Jillian Reed found all of my knots and sore spots. So much better!

Debbie Gage

Such a Treasure

Jillian’s massages are simply the best. The atmosphere is comfortable and conducive to relaxation. Her technique of Thai massage leaves me feeling more flexible, with my muscles happy, and my soul nurtured.
She is such a Treasure!

Jonell Williams

Most Personalized Massage

Katrina found spots on my body I did not know needed help. She has an amazing sense of ‘Knowing’ what the problem areas are. She gave me the most personalized massage I’ve ever had. I feel rejuvenated like no other massage has ever done for me! YAY!
Thanks Katrina!

Becky Sears

Spinal Issues

Jillian did an amazing job! I have spinal issues that concerned me going into the massage. But the massage relaxed me and was very good for the total body – including all my spinal issues.
Thank You Jillian!
Richard Sommers


One of the best massages ever. Katrina is a brilliant masseuse that knows the human body well and has a great touch!

Peggy O’Kuneff RN